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Isabellas by San Pedro Shoes - Made in Manila

So excited for today. First day. New job. Ready to embark on a new chapter. 

Looks like rain. Who cares. Love my shoes. It is ready to take on that next step.

My uni friend Barbara launched San Pedro Shoes in October 2018. "San Pedro of Manila is a handcrafted shoe collection made by the sapateros in Manila. They were meticulous in making every shoe with eco-friendly man-made leather and black matted rubber outsole for extra grip. Every pair comes in an eco-friendly re-usable pouch bag. I know we cannot please everybody but we want the ones who own San Pedro Shoes to be happy with their purchase."

Her superfly comfy shoe line are made for moms and daughters, sisters, besties. Made to match each other; or twinning as we say it today. My favorite is the black and white Isabella shoes which remind me of wing tip loafers. You can find this on my site Buy.

I caught up with Barbara after all these years and asked her things she is passionate about and her future plans. "I am passionate about a lot of things. Family is first. I have 4 kids." She now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and a member of NAWBO, the National Association of Women Business Owners, "it is a very fun organization that really gives back to the community that help women business owners." 

Her plans? ...I love fashion and I love dressing up my kids when they were little. I always try for matchy-matchy outfits that they always hate. I am hoping to create a brand for families (not just mommy and me) that can be trendy, but I haven’t even scratched the surface yet."

What words do you live by? I always and always remind myself and my family, to be kind. Be kind to yourself, your body, to the people around you, earth, etc. You do not do anything you don’t want anybody do unto you. I know it is a popular cliché, but it is very true. I believe in karma. Life cannot be lopsided. It is about balance. So maybe you might be at the bottom now, but the earth is round, everything comes back around. Also, everything in moderation. A little bit of this and a little of that.

If you were a food dish, what would you be? Pork Adobo. LOL! I’m easy to make. I’m super easy. I would like to think everybody likes me. I know that might not be true, but I would like to believe it is. Haha!

Classic. Find these beautiful black and whites including ballerina flats with bows on my Facebook page Filipino Town.

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