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Definitely not a beauty blogger!

Hey! I am the last person to write anything about beauty tips. But I definitely need to write about Kim.

Before that, I just have to tell you about winter in Vancouver. One, it's pretty mild compared to all of Canada. There's maybe a day when it can be a pain in the butt (quite literally!) slipping on ice and cars that won't brake. Now that's another story. Two, it's a beautiful city in any season!

Winter for all it's mildness this year (so far no snow and it's almost February), has wreaked havoc on my skin. Like dry, itchy and icky. My only savior is Dr. Wong my favorite walk in doctor for when my allergies get out of hand and my cousin Kim!

I used to think washing my face with the purest of soaps and water were enough. I also thought not using any make up would keep my skin young and healthy, it wasn't the case. I work long hours and sleep so late that black circles under my eyes were natural for me. I can feel my skin drying up right after my shower. Dry skin makes you look older!

Enter Kim who has patiently worked to revive my dying skin. She launched her own Kleanse Spa in 2012 in the Kitsilano area. I started visiting her more regularly only in the last couple of years in her new spa clinic in 41st and Cambie just by the Oakridge Mall. She has literally rejuvenated my skin.  

She only uses naturally-based serums and creams that suit your skin type. She experimented on alot of product to make sure I didn't get any reactions to it. I've had atopic dermatitis all my life. It's something I have lived with. My face has less dark circles, less fine lines and smoother skin. Yay!

I love the whole ritual she does when I go in for a facial. It's an hour of relaxation and when I look at myself in the mirror, it always looks like a few years of lines were taken off. Pure pampering for my face. 

Kim is passionate about her family, skincare, travelling and about beautiful and relaxing things. I asked her why she loved what she does, she says" I have this passion for creating relaxing and calming experiences. I think we all need a time out of this hectic world. When you feel good about your skin, it resonates physically and mentally." If you would re-invent yourself, what would you be doing? " Lifestyle Vlogger!". If you were a food dish, what would you be? A CREAM PUFF. That she is. Sweet.

Kim would like to grow Kleanse Spa Bar to its maximum potential by reaching more beautiful souls. Her biggest advice? Use sunscreen and serum. It is a must part of your daily skincare regimen.

Book today for a relaxing facial spa. She is offering a great deal for a Kleansed Up facial, eye, lip and hand treatment. Book now.

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